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So why is it that I establish another gaming website? Aren't there enough game reviewers on other sites such as Youtube? Well yes, but with the way things are now I believe you will hardly be noticed on such sites unless you were already popular, and game reviews on sites such as IGN are paid and biased. The purpose of this website is to review games I've played or have been playing, games that can be completed with very specific things the user can do before the game finishes, or games that can be played consecutively while simultaneously never running out of things to do, such as Terraria or Minecraft (however much I despise using Minecraft, it makes a good and obvious example of my point.)

I will be rating these games on a 0 to 10 scale without any decimals, so the final review is not nearly as harsh as a 0 to 5 scale or as forgiving as using decimals.

Please keep in mind, my reviews are not perfect as I myself am biased towards series or genres I like and are subject to change if I may ever replay a game. With that said, I will review the game as best I can to convince you it is good or bad.

For the sake of this project, I will have at least 3 games for each section so I don't sink too much time into reviewing rather than getting this webpage finished.

Finally, dear reader, if you find yourself having similar tastes to mine own, I'll go ahead and link my various gaming profiles here so you may identify me online: